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join todayWant to become a part of the NX generation of radio? Then you need to Join #TeamIBNX Today! Join now to begin to Engage, Empower and Entertain the world!

At IBNX, we offer great opportunities for individuals to become a part of the world of broadcasting. From administrative support, community reporting, news writing to hosting, producing, event reps and much more; Team IBNX volunteers are truly the backbone to our network! 

When covering such a diverse range of topics, providing the listening pleasure of a multitude of genres, offering community driven stations, events and more – we will be the first to tell you Team IBNX is how we successfully accomplish it all!

When volunteering at IBNX, you are more than a friendly face working to help assist us with company goals; you are part of a team working towards OUR success as a whole. All team members have their own vision and dreams and at IBNX we work to ensure team members are positioned in areas which also aid their personal goals making the opportunities we present mutually beneficial.

Becoming a part of Team IBNX does not require you to look at this as a full time gig. We offer flexible scheduling – a few hours a week – and many opportunities do not require you to come into the office; so you do not need to be located in the Atlanta Area. Our opportunities are available on and off air, national and internationally based.

The network strives to include those of multiple ethnicities and genders. We do not discriminate! Instead, we pursue such diversity to ensure IBNX Radio is not a network for one but one for all! For information on how you can become a part of Team IBNX, please contact us at 678.373.IBNX ext. 4269.

Currently, we are seeking diverse individuals to Host a variety of network shows. Individuals must be willing to dedicate 4-6 hours a week for show preparation and broadcasting.  We are also taking submissions for Syndicated Shows and LocalNX Stations at this time. Contact us today for more information.

For a list of Network Opportunities, Click Here. To apply to #TeamIBNX, Click Here.